No 1. Take in the view from Tower Bridge

11 Jun

Tower Bridge

This is not the first bridge most people think to visit in London.  Waterloo, London and Westminster Bridges tend to attract the lion’s share of tourists. 

I wandered down on a sunny Sunday and in spite of the glorious 27C temperatures, the atmosphere was laidback and relaxed.  Sure there were tourists, but nothing like the swarm you find around the aforementioned central London bridges. 

There’s no doubt about it, this is a beautiful view of London.  There’s a gentle breeze blowing, the Thames below you, the Tower of London standing imposingly next to you and landmarks like the Gherkin and the Shard across the water.  

The craziest part is this place is only a 15 minute walk from where I live!  It makes you wonder how often we obliviously walk past these parts of London, that people the world over come to see.

Think about your commute in when you have your headphones in, you’re buried in the Metro and trying to avoid eye contact with anyone.  I’ll bet you can think of a beautiful London view that you pass every day without giving it a second thought.

Lesson learnt – stop and smell the roses and really see London!

The Shard and City Hall

The Gherkin


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