Bucket List No 8 – Climb a Mountain

16 Jun

The plan was to do this in Scotland, but having recently discovered how expensive holidays to the Highlands are, that trip is on hold for now.

So it was on to a different holiday destination and last week we flew into Baden Baden, a spa town which sits on the edge of the Black Forest.  Plenty of mountains and an opportunity to tick this off my bucket list in a very picturesque location.

I should start out by saying that I cheated a bit on this one.  I did go up a mountain but I didn’t exactly climb it.

I have a good reason.  I’m fairly heavily pregnant so as well as carrying around my lovely big bump, I have acquired a new waddle which really slows me down.

A brief walk is enough to make me need a sit down, so climbing a mountain on foot was ambitious to say the least.  This problem was solved by the local funicular which takes you up the mountains to the observatory tower for less than 5 euros.  And if you’re feeling energetic you can walk back down.

Going up the funicular

Going up the funicular

Mountainous areas create some stunning scenery and this place didn’t disappoint.


The city


Black Forest View

 The lush green scenery stretched as far as the eye could see.  Para gliders floated above us and if we had such a beautiful view, I can only imagine how it felt to be up there and get a real bird’s eye view.

These guys enjoyed the best views...

These guys enjoyed the best views…

So all in all, a brilliant bucket list item.  It doesn’t matter how you get up there, a mountain top view is one of nature’s joys and one I’d highly recommend.


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