No 749. Breakfast at E Pellicci

11 Dec

Time for some food again and it’s been a while coming…

E Pellicci is an East End gem.  You could walk past it quite easily because there’s nothing too eye-catching on the outside.  The inside is another story.  Grade II listed, walking into the art deco interior of this caff is like stepping back in time.

Inside E Pellicci

Inside E Pellicci

I could count the number of times I’ve been here on one hand, for no other reason than that they are closed on Sundays, which is my greasy spoon day.  When I have been though it’s always good fun.

A favourite with the Kray brothers, E Pellicci has been run by the same family since it opened in 1900.  Current owner Nevio Pellicci was born upstairs in 1929 and remembers the Krays well.

From the outside

From the outside

You always get a warm welcome along with a lot of chatting and banter while you’re being served.  Some of the friendliest people you will ever meet in London work here.

The food is pretty good too.  You get hearty breakfasts, big mugs of builder’s tea and if you’re there later in the day, salads, pasta and other dishes alongside your regular greasy spoon offerings.

The breakfasts are standard but hearty and the homemade chips are definitely worth a mention.  The last time I went was for lunch, when I had pasta with homemade pesto and my mum got given a free slice of cake which “mama had made that morning”.

It’s this East End charm which makes this place so special.  The food is good but it’s the vibe and the atmosphere you really go to E Pellicci for.

E Pellicci, 332 Bethnal Green Road, E2 0AG


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