No 670. Release the tensions of city life with yoga

17 Dec

When I became pregnant, I had to give up my beloved Zumba classes.  That’s when I discovered Yoga Place on Bethnal Green Road.

I’ve lived in this area for over four years now but I’d never noticed the unassuming entrance or the sign at the side of the building until I looked out for it.

The entrance to Yoga Place

The entrance to Yoga Place

The communal staircase is not very appealing but as soon as you step through the door on the first floor, you find yourself in an oasis of calm in the heart of the East End.

There’s a tinkle of chimes as you push open the door.  The smell of incense wafts towards you while you take your shoes off by the door.  Padding around the corner to the changing rooms, there’s colourful  floor cushions set out where you can relax before the classes start.  There’s free unlimited tea and water and if you choose to do the Mysore yoga class, free porridge and chai is thrown in too.

Inside the door

As you walk in…

With all kinds of classes, courses and workshops on offer, there’s something for everyone from beginners to dedicated yogis.

My experience at Yoga Place is all baby related but I can highly recommend the antenatal yoga class (my favourite part was the box of biscuits passed around at the end) and the pregnancy massage by Joanna, the resident therapist.

One of the two studios

One of the two studios

All classes are drop in so there’s no need to book; just arrive about ten minutes before the class begins.  Everything is provided – blankets, floor mats, cushions as well as the sausage type cushions which are great when you’re carrying around a huge belly and trying to get comfy.

If you know Bethnal Green, you’ll know it’s a busy, main road with a market down one side and there’s never a moment of quiet.  It’s hard to believe what a peaceful and inviting atmosphere Yoga Place has managed to create among the hustle and bustle.

Well worth a visit for a bit of wind down time.

Yoga Place, 1st Floor, 449-453 Bethnal Green Road   


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