Bucket List No. 19 – Have a candlelit picnic

21 Dec

Ideally, a picnic is somewhere outdoors with a checked blanket in the sunshine.  Unfortunately, I was pregnant, heavy and a bit uncomfortable during the summer.

Apart from my big swollen feet, getting up off the sofa was hard enough let alone hoisting myself up off the ground.  So I never got round to doing this and thought I’d have to postpone until next year.

Then I had the idea of an indoor candlelit picnic.  It’s the perfect time of the year for an indoor picnic – apart from the fact it’s too cold to be outside, most people have a Christmas tree up along with other lovely decorations.

We had baked Camembert with thyme and chilli (amazing and so easy to make), spicy chicken wings and thighs, apple and walnut salad, potato salad and crusty French baguette.  It’s making me hungry just thinking about it.

Indoor festive picnic

Indoor festive picnic

With the Christmas tree in the background, the radio playing and the baby bouncer so the bubba could join in, it was brilliant fun.  Better still, it’s a cheap and cheerful way of making dinner a bit different and a bit special.  Definitely a winner.


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