Bucket List No. 3 – Learn to Moonwalk

24 Dec

I have no idea what possessed me to put this on my bucket list. It could be something to do with being an 80’s child and living through the era of Michael Jackson.

But there it was and I had no choice but to give it a go. Thankfully, we now have access to the internet.  A Google search for “how to moonwalk” gives you 3.85 million results so there’s plenty of help out there.

Here’s the one I used http://thoughtcatalog.com/brandon-gorrell/2013/02/heres-a-gif-guide-of-how-to-moonwalk-it-actually-works/ – it really does work.  A brilliant step-by-step guide on how to moonwalk with visuals.

Within 15 minutes I was doing a slightly awkward moonwalk around my living room, while being judged by my 5 month old. She’ll be impressed when she’s older.

That’s my Christmas party trick sorted. I can’t believe how easy it was to learn this!

It’s not perfect but it’s going to be fun to practice. To quote my husband “no Hen you’re not Michael Jackson, but you are moonwalking”.  That’s good enough for me.

Moonwalk 2

Jacko – The original Moonwalker



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