Bucket List 2013 & My list for 2014

20 Jan

Bucket list

Last year was the first time I tried out a yearly bucket list rather than the traditional New Year’s resolutions. No more resolutions for me ever again. Here’s why…

  1. I don’t feel terrible before January is over because I’ve fallen off one wagon or another.
  2. I have the whole year to achieve everything on the bucket list
  3. I don’t feel guilt-ridden by the end of the year if I haven’t ticked everything off the list.  My rule, which I highly recommend, is that bucket lists are transferable to the following year
  4. My bucket list was a lot more fun and achievable than New Year’s resolutions which tend to be huge and overwhelming (lose weight, give up smoking, get a new job, find a new house…sound familiar?)

My 2013 Bucket List

Here’s my bucket list from last year and which ones I achieved…

Homemade carrot cupcakes

Homemade carrot cupcakes

  1. Do a yoga headstand
  2. Visit my nephews in Denver
  3. Learn to moonwalk – done
  4. Work in a soup kitchen
  5. Bake a perfect cake – done
  6. Write weekly entries on my blog – done
  7. Grow my own vegetables – done
  8. Climb a mountain – done
  9. Visit Scotland
  10. See a modern Wonder of the World
  11. Sit in an outdoor hot tub
  12. Learn how to do a smoky eye – done
  13. Have an article published
  14. Take a trip in a hot air balloon
  15. Do 20 activities from Time Out’s 1000 Things To Do in London
  16. Learn how to French plait my hair – done
  17. Make an item of clothing
  18. Finish my journalism course – done
  19. Have a candlelit picnic – done
  20. Plant a tree – done
Growing veg

Growing veg

I managed to get pregnant and have a baby shortly after writing last year’s bucket list. Now that’s not an excuse because I firmly believe babies can fit into a lot of what you want to do, but they do invariably slow down or postpone things.

I did half which I’m pretty pleased with. Here’s what I got out of the ones I managed to tick off.

  • I can now bake a mean cake.
  • I love gardening.
  • I got to be a tourist in London again, courtesy of the Time Out activities.
  • I got another qualification under my belt by finishing the journalism course.
  • I can moonwalk. Enough said.

Some of these are going to be transferred to this year. Some have inspired me to go a bit bigger. One was so much fun I want to do it again. And some I’ve realised I’m just not that bothered about doing, so I’m not going to.

Hot air balloon

Here’s my bucket list for 2014:

  1. Visit my nephews in Denver
  2. See a modern Wonder of the World
  3. Have an article published
  4. Do 20 activities from Time Out’s 1000 Things To Do in London
  5. Take a trip in a hot air balloon
  6. Learn to sew
  7. Do something for charity
  8. Tone my mummy tummy
  9. Do my family tree
  10. Write a short story
  11. Create a first year scrapbook for my daughterBallroom dancing
  12. Learn to hula hoop
  13. Enjoy a spa day
  14. Upcycle an item of clothing
  15. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant
  16. Try ballroom dancing
  17. Give someone a handmade gift
  18. See an original piece of internationally famous art
  19. Learn to juggle
  20. Host a dinner party

I’m excited about ticking these off already. Here’s to a brilliant 2014!


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