No 451. Stroll down Regent’s Canal and No 24-33. Get to know London’s city farms

2 Apr

We’re moving from East London soon and isn’t it Sod’s law that I’m discovering all these amazing local places just as we’re about to go?

The first activity was one for the baby but which I’ve secretly wanted to do for a while; a visit to a city farm.

London has not one, not two, but sixteen city farms aimed at giving us urbanites a close-up experience with animals and showing us where our meat, eggs and milk come from. For someone who recently confused a goose for a swan, this was an educational visit for me as much as the little one.

We’d popped into Spitalfields City Farm a few weeks before and truthfully, it was a bit sorry looking. Hackney City Farm seems better looked after and has a lot more going on, not least more animals to see.

Farm store selling farm eggs and local produce

The store selling farm eggs and local produce

The cobblestone path and pretty villagesque store give it a certain rural charm but it’s the animals that are the star attraction. My personal favourite were the pigs, Pepper and Pearl (best name for a ginger pig ever) who spent the entire time stretched out having a nap.

There are sheep, goats and rabbits and as you wander around chicken, geese and ducks run around your feet. You can even feed the farm’s donkeys, Larry and Clover. All in all, the farm has definitely brought a slice of country life to central London.

Pearl and Pepper chilling out

Pearl and Pepper


Feeding the donkeys

Feeding the donkeys

It was such a sunny day that we decided to make the most of it. Nearby Broadway Market had some very enticing food smells wafting around but you tend to get death stares with a buggy.

Instead we went for a walk along Regent’s Canal. Here’s one of those bits of London far away from the city’s traffic congested streets. It was so peaceful walking along the canal, past the barges with people lazing outside, cyclists whizzing past us and best of all, ending up in the beautiful Victoria Park.

Regents Canal

Regent’s Canal

Highly recommend both these activities. Best of all, apart from the sandwich we ended up greedily scoffing at the lovely Pavilion Café in the park, it was completely free.

A lovely London day for the cost of a sandwich. Not a bad way to spend a sunny Saturday!



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