No 240. Crystal Palace Park and No 275. Visit the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

9 May

We’ve just moved from the East End to South East London.  I used to live here more than 15 years ago when I studied at Greenwich University.

There was no lovely campus opposite Greenwich Park like there is now.  Instead, I was based in Eltham and then lived above a Star Burger in Woolwich.  Probably not the best introduction to south of the river.

After a bank holiday of excessive DIY and unpacking, we decided to take Monday off, get to know the local area and hopped on a bus to Crystal Palace Park.

Crystal Palace Park

Crystal Palace Park

The park itself is a mixed bag.  There are parts which wouldn’t look out of place in the grounds of a stately home. Then there are other areas like the gravelly walkways, which look like they haven’t been finished.  There’s a sports centre, a running track and a circuit for remote controlled cars, which my husband was mesmerised by.

It also has dinosaurs.  Massive, life-like, full-scale dinosaurs.  The scale is apparently now wrong because it was based on scientific knowledge at that time, but for a non-scientist like me that is by the by. Check these out…

Jurassic Park in South East London

Jurassic Park in South East London

More dinosaurs...



Another dinosaur…

These extinct creatures have always fascinated us humans and this bit of the park is like a short stroll through the Jurassic Park set.  Built in 1854, the sculptures were commissioned by Richard Owen, the man who renamed the giant lizards as dinosaurs.

Random facts I found during my research are that chickens are the closest living relative to the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Crocodiles and alligators are close relatives and birds are officially dinosaurs.  I never knew that.  I had a cockatiel when I was younger so actually, I had a pet dinosaur.

T Rex and Chick

Close relatives (

My daughter decided to take a nap when we reached the dinosaurs and is probably too young to appreciate them anyway, but older kids will love them.  The park was ok and the dinosaurs were fun, but a family day out in the sunshine was brilliant.


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