Bucket List No 17 – Give someone a handmade gift

19 Nov

Asians are big feeders. It’s how we show love. So it’s not surprising that to tick this off my bucket list, I decided to make an edible gift.

I’ve been practising my gingerbread making skills in the run up to Christmas.  As well as satsumas and mince pies, gingerbread is very much a Christmas treat. It’s not too hard to make, has pretty basic ingredients and smells amazing.


Butter, golden syrup, black treacle, mmm…

One of Amaya’s nursery workers is leaving after ten years so instead of buying the usual chocolates, I whipped up a batch of gingerbread. The first time I made this, I left out the fresh ginger and just used ground, which was ok but the final result tasted like treacle cake rather than gingerbread. This time, I was so sleep deprived that I forgot how much flour I’d measured out, added in a bit extra to be sure, and ended up with weird, crunchy, floury bits which tasted like nuts.

A mouse has eaten one corner...

A mouse has eaten one corner…

I made an effort to wrap it up nicely and dropped it off, only to find out that I was a week early and her final day is actually next week. Which gives me time to do another batch and get it absolutely right. Third time lucky and all that. And if that gingerbread was shared among the nursery staff, I need to redeem myself…

All packaged up

All packaged up


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