No 149. Let the kids take charge

25 Nov

Becoming a mum has been one of my favourite experiences ever, but having a little person in tow can limit what you do. So when I found a Time Out activity where a child was essential to get access, I had to check it out.

Coram Fields is a seven acre park tucked away near the concrete hideousness of Kings Cross and as the sign below says, adults can only go in if accompanied by a child.

CoramI popped by there on a lovely Autumn day that almost makes the English winters worthwhile. The sun was shining and the leaves were beautiful shades of red and gold.

With her usual impeccable timing, Amaya fell asleep about five minutes before we got to the park so she didn’t get to enjoy it. She would love it though and with no dogs allowed or bikes allowed, this is a great place for her to run free. There’s a giant, twisty metal slide, a mini assault course, a duck pond, sandpits, a children’s centre running all sorts of activities, a city farm and a youth centre for older kids.

View over the green

View over the green

For the accompanying adults, there’s a lovely café area with amazing looking cakes and plenty of less calorific options for the more health conscious. The colonnade buildings which house the nursery and children’s centre are a beautiful piece of London history.

Coram 5These buildings used to stand alongside the hospital built by Thomas Coram. Coram built London Foundling Hospital in 1739, after being shocked at how many of London’s children were abandoned and homeless. The hospital has since been knocked down but after a public campaign, the park was kept open as a playground.

I can’t wait to rediscover this place when the weather gets warmer but there are lots of events to keep you busy in the meantime, including the Christmas Fair. So get out those mittens and wellies and take your little ones for a fun day out – you won’t get in here without them…

Check out the website for up to date information at   



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