Bucket List 2015 & Review of 2014 Bucket List

2 Jan

Bucket listHappy New Year everyone!

What a year it’s been. Our little girl turned one and we celebrated with a trip to Pisa and an Asian sized picnic in the park, we moved from our beloved East End to South East London and we both got new jobs. Phew.

I was so caught up with all this that a lot of my bucket list fell by the wayside. But it’s ok because the beauty of the bucket list is that it’s transferable and it doesn’t matter if you don’t do all of it. For a more detailed version of this argument, see my original bucket list article here.

Bucket List 2014

  1. Visit my nephews in Denver (this has been on my list so long I have another nephew to see – MUST DO THIS YEAR)
  2. See a modern Wonder of the World
  3. Have an article published
  4. Do 20 activities from Time Out’s 1000 Things To Do in London (I managed 14)
  5. Take a trip in a hot air balloon (one for next year)
  6. Learn to sew
  7. Do something for charity
  8. Tone my mummy tummy (it’s smaller but not toned, yet…)
  9. Do my family tree (way too difficult with records in East Africa and Asia)
  10. Write a short story (not enough time!)
  11. Create a first year scrapbook for my daughter
  12. Learn to hula hoop
  13. Enjoy a spa day
  14. Upcycle an item of clothing
  15. Eat at a Michelin starred restaurant
  16. Try ballroom dancing
  17. Give someone a handmade gift
  18. See an original piece of internationally famous art
  19. Learn to juggle (bought the juggling balls – have no coordination)
  20. Host a dinner party (off the list until we have a place big enough to host one!)

When sharing last year’s bucket list with one of my friends I saw over Christmas, she sweetly told me that I don’t ask for much. To which my husband responded “that’s why I married her”. So taking this on board, I’ve added a couple of special treat items to the list for this year.

Here it is…

Bucket List 2015

  1. Visit my nephews in Denver
  2. Enjoy a 5 star afternoon tea
  3. Do 10 activities from Time Out’s 1000 Things to do in London
  4. Visit 3 different countries
  5. Get married (legally)
  6. Go to a festival or concert
  7. Take a trip in a hot air balloon
  8. Try a detox diet
  9. Own a pair of designer shoes
  10. Go horse riding
  11. Fly first class
  12. Experience zero gravity
  13. Make raw chocolate
  14. Study a course
  15. Hold a plank position for 2 minutes
  16. See a solar eclipse
  17. Have my palm read
  18. Get a bright red manicure
  19. Eat oysters
  20. Watch a film outdoors

Can’t wait to get started and it’s way more fun than my New Year resolutions used to be. Have a great year everyone!


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