Bucket List No 18. Get a bright red manicure

24 Apr

In the first few weeks of my new job, I noticed a couple of the girls had beautifully painted nails. I always admire pretty nails because I am so clumsy at applying polish, that I can only use clear varnish so I love bright red, pink, deep maroon and rainbow colour nails. When I complimented the girls, they told me they paid £7 to get their nails done. £7!!!

Admittedly, they went to those slightly scary looking nail bars which are dotted all over London. I don’t know why I thought they were scary looking. I used to get regular manis and pedis when I was living abroad, but those salons places were always very shiny looking with inviting reception areas and glossy walls. London prices are way too high for it to be more than an occasional treat. The last time I had my nails done was when I had huge pregnant feet because I couldn’t reach my toes – that was almost two years ago.

When I did finally set foot in one of the nail places on my local high street, my first thought was “this isn’t as bad as it looks from the outside”. I paid £10 for a full manicure (including cuticle tidying and all that). I made the mistake of getting my daughter to meet me there who charmed all the staff and then grabbed hold of my brightly coloured nails and smudged one of them. But apart from that it was a really lovely mini treat and I felt very glam for the 5 days it took before it started chipping.

I always feel a bit guilty spending loads of money on myself. I don’t know where it comes from but I find it really hard to splurge, but at £10 a pop this is a guilt free bit of pampering. Now which colour to get next…

Shiny red nails

Shiny red nails


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