This is the diary of an East End living, food loving, Asian lady passionate about human rights, discovering new things, travel, books and anything food related.

Hello everyone.  I’m Henna, like the tattoo or hair colour.

Why did I start writing a blog? Well…

1. I like to keep busy.

2. I’m hoping to turn my love of writing into something useful.

3. My best friend and sister both moved out of London at around the same time last year so I have a lot more time on my hands (see point 1).

Here’s what you’ll find on here:

View and reviews:  All the things I’m passionate about and which move me to write.

1000 Things to Do in London:  Rediscovering London by a long-term and occasionally reluctant Londoner.

Bucket List:  My new approach to New Year’s resolutions – all the things  I want to do in 2013.

So that pretty much sums it all up.  I know I’m going to enjoy it and I hope you do too!


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